River Hills Resources, Inc. (RHR Inc) is a junior exploration company engaged in the development of gold and precious metal properties around
the globe. RHR owns 100% of 2 late stage gold projects and is constantly evaluating other projects in their pipeline using the following criteria.

 RHR Inc will look for development opportunities in five areas:

1) Deposits previously evaluated by larger companies and judged
     to be too small.

2) Mines shut down for economic reasons during the period of
     low gold prices.

3) Deposits unexplored by others because the potential was judged
     to be too small for corporate objectives or the geologic deposit
     type does not commonly contain reserves of sufficient size.

4) Unexplored projects within favorable geologic environments.

5) Mines operated in the past where the application of modern
     processing technology makes possible the recovery of
     additional gold.


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